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Here you can find all messages (and their defaults) that can be easily customized by editing the respective pages:


Tweeki-container-class: container

Class to be used for the main Bootstrap grid. Should be either container (fixed width, maximum at 1170px) or container-fluid (to use the full screen width).

Navigational sections

You can customize the general appearance for all of the following with these system messages:

Tweeki-ELEMENT-btnclass: btn btn-primary

Class for the produced buttons.

Tweeki-ELEMENT-wrapper: li

HTML element to be used as a wrapper.

Tweeki-ELEMENT-wrapperclass: btn-group btn-block

Class for the wrapper element.

Tweeki-ELEMENT-dropdownclass: push-right

Class for the dropdown ul-tag.


Tweeki-navbar-brand: {{SITENAME}}

Content of the 'brand' link. You can also use a image, e.g. set the content of the message to File:MYFILE.png (without brackets) and costumize size and positioning for .navbar-brand img.


Content of the left side of the navbar.

Tweeki-navbar-right: TOOLBOX,PERSONAL,SEARCH

Content of the right side of the navbar.

Tweeki-navbar-class: navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top navbar-expand-lg fixed-top navbar-light bg-light

Classes to use for the navbar. For further possibilities see



Content of the sub navigation. Set to '-' to not show a sub navigation.

Tweeki-subnav-class: navigation nav nav-pills pull-right justify-content-end

Classes to use for the subnavigation. For further possibilities see



Content of the left sidebar.

Tweeki-sidebar-right: EDIT-EXT,TOC

Content of the right sidebar.


Tweeki-footer: FOOTER

Add custom elements before or after the default content or replace the default content alltogether.

Tweeki-footer-custom: LOGIN

Additional content for the footer - will be placed between the standard text footers and the icon footers. The element's name to use for the hiding mechanisms provided by Tweeki is footer-custom.

Tweeki-footer-class: footer-sticky bg-light

Classes to use for the footer. Add your own classes or use Tweeki's standard classes footer-sticky (footer will only be fixed at the bottom if the page content is smaller than the height of the screen) or footer-fixed (footer will always be fixed).

Edit Section Link

You can customize the appearance of the edit section button with system messages (if wgTweekiSkinCustomEditSectionLink is set to true). You can also use customized CSS to change aligning etc. Tweeki's default button should look like this and will only be shown when hovering over the section's headline:

You could easily change it to something like this – Edit Section – by using the following messages:


Text for the edit section link

Tweeki-editsection-class: tw-editsection-onhover

Classes to use for the edit section link

Tweeki-editsection-icon: <span class='fa fa-pen'></span>

Icon to insert into the edit section link

Link Customization

Tweeki-login: Login / Create Account

Text used for the login link.

Tweeki-toolbox: <span class='fa fa-cog'></span>

Custom link content for toolbox dropdown.

Tweeki-edit-ext: Edit $1

Text for the EDIT-EXT button


Prefs-tweeki-advanced: Advanced features

Heading for the preferences

Prefs-tweeki-advanced-desc: Show advanced features

Descriptive Text for the advanced features option in the preferences.

Prefs-tweeki-advanced-help: Some features that you might know from other MediaWiki installations have possibly been hidden by the administrator in order not to confuse the average user. Set this option to show them.

Help Text for the advanced features option in the preferences.


Skinname-tweeki: Tweeki

Name of the skin.

Tweeki-skin-desc: A skin based on Bootstrap

Description of the skin.

Tweeki-toc-top: to top

Text for the 'to top' link in the TOC.