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Tweeki Bootstrap MediaWiki Latest Release Note
2.0.x 4.4.1 1.35+ in development
1.2.5 3.4.1/4.6.0 1.31-1.35 2021-09-28 major code refactoring,
introducing Bootstrap 4 via opt-in
1.1.3 3.4.1 1.31-1.35 2020-11-15


You can Download Tweeki from GitHub or get it directly with git:

Change to the "skins" subdirectory of your MediaWiki installation:

cd skins

Clone the repository:

git clone

To checkout a specific (tagged) version:

git checkout v1.2.0

Add the following to LocalSettings.php:

require_once( "$IP/skins/Tweeki/Tweeki.php" );
$wgDefaultSkin = "tweeki";

(You may safely remove or comment out other mentions of $wgDefaultSkin.)

Add the following to LocalSettings.php if you want to use Bootstrap 4:

$wgTweekiSkinUseBootstrap4 = true;

Example configurations

Have a look at the setup for (this page) to get an idea of how to achieve similar results or look at setup for for a more elaborate example.

Basic Configuration

  • Change the navigation according to your needs, e.g. change the content of MediaWiki:Tweeki-navbar-left to Products to link to a page of that name.